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March 20, 2006 12:00 PM


WINDSOR WEALTH: Not only is the Queen loaded, but the assets of her entire family have been estimated by some sources to total more than $1 billion.

WHAT’S SHE GOT? $150 million in estates, including 1,000-room Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle; a $37.9 million art and furniture collection; and all those corgis….

THE HEIR: Prince Charles—but according to some polls, a large number of Brits hope he’ll be passed over in favor of son William. Meanwhile his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, has gotten used to the Windsor lifestyle: She’s making royal appearances and employs two secretaries, two bodyguards and a chauffeur.

MILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB: Harry, 21, and William, 23 (above), have a worth of $45 and $39 million, respectively, which includes their mother’s legacy. (Harry got a bit more from the late Queen Mother because, unlike his brother, he will never be Prince of Wales.)

EASY RIDERS: William purchased a $13,000 Triumph motorcycle, but the boys lease their cars (a VW Golf for William, an Audi for his bro). Both enjoy far-flung vacations: Harry goes on safari in Botswana and plays polo in Argentina; William skis the Alps and visited New Zealand last summer.



MEET THE FAMILY: Abdullah, 81, ascended the Saudi throne after the death of his half-brother, King Fahd, in August 2005. In addition to a vast fortune, he inherited one of the world’s longest yachts—a $109 million, 482-ft. vessel—big enough to fit four wives, seven sons and fifteen daughters.

A CONTENDER: Abdullah’s nephew Prince Alwaleed, 50, who controls a $15.7 billion fortune and owns London’s Savoy Hotel, is said to be the likeliest heir to the throne.



ON THE THRONE: Grand Duke Henri, 50, a distant cousin of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. Wed to Cuban-born Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, he’s a father of five who likes to ski, sail and hunt in his mountainous domain.

WHAT THEY’VE GOT: The family lives in a 16th-century palace, gets a state allowance of $7.8 million and has holdings in a number of European banks and companies.

THE HEIR: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, 23 (above), educated in political science and history at England’s Durham University. Though single, he has been romantically linked with Pia Haraldsen, the niece of Norway’s Queen Sonia.



WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM: The rulers of this tiny Asian sultanate earn millions from oil, banking and global investments.

HOW THEY SPEND IT: The current sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah, 59, owns 360 Rolls-Royces, 200 polo ponies and the world’s largest home—a 200,000-sq.-ft. palace with 257 bathrooms. He’s also hired Celine Dion and Michael Jackson to play at his parties.

WHO GETS IT: Prince Haji al-Muhtadee Billah, 31, who wed Sarah Salleh, 18 (above), at a $5 million wedding last year.



WHO’S ON THE THRONE: On July 12 Prince Albert II, 48, was formally invested as prince, following the death last year of his father, Prince Rainier III, 81, widower of actress Grace Kelly.

WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM: Untaxed income from Monte Carlo’s casinos, in which the family has a considerable stake, and real estate: The Grimaldis own a quarter of Monaco’s 465 acres.

HOW HE SPENDS IT: Albert—who is unmarried but has been linked in the past with Claudia Schiffer and Angie Everhart—has blown thousands on parties. Now he also spends a bundle on child support: On July 6, he acknowledged paternity of a 2-year-old son, Alexandre, by former flight attendant Nicole Coste. By French law the boy is entitled to half of Albert’s fortune, estimated at $2 billion. “I’ve lived up to my responsibilities,” said the Prince.

THE NEXT GENERATION: Alexandre isn’t included in the royal succession, so Monaco’s throne goes to Princess Caroline’s oldest son, Andrea, 21 (above), who counts collecting Swatch watches among his hobbies. Kid sister Charlotte, 19 (above), celebrated her coming out in ’04 with a gala at Monaco’s luxe Villa La Vigie. Both party at Jimmy’z nightclub, where a bottle of beer can run $45.


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