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Keishall Barrow was running out of options when she made one last trip to Houston’s Astrodome to look for her missing 20-month-old daughter. It had been three weeks since she had last seen the child, left in the care of her godmother the day Katrina destroyed New Orleans. Now, in Houston, she made a plea for information on CNN’s Nancy Grace, with her cell phone number displayed across the screen. “As soon as I got home, my cell phone starts ringing like crazy,” says Barrow. The first call was from Missouri. “I remember her exact words,” Barrow says, “She said, ‘Your baby is in Oxford, Mississippi. I’m looking at her right now in PEOPLE magazine.'”

When PEOPLE first reported the family’s story (Who Is This Child?, Sept. 26), Kalise—known as Kalite by her caregiver at the time—had been taken in by a couple after her godmother disappeared from the New Orleans airport. Barrow, 22, a clerk at Walgreen’s, had asked friends and family to care for her three young children—the very weekend, it turned out, that Katrina hit. “No one thought it was going to be that bad,” she says. After locating her mother and 11-month-old son Kalin at the Super-dome, she took them to Houston. Then she tracked down Kenya, 2, who was safe in Atlanta with the family of the three kids’ father, Keith, who died in a car accident in June. Finally, after a 24-hour bus ride from Houston on Sept. 19, Barrow swept the giggly child into her arms at an Oxford motel and cried out “Kaylee!” “It’s overwhelming. I was so excited I couldn’t eat,” she says. “Thank you, Jesus, for a happy ending.”