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Reigning Men

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Ben Affleck

Violet’s dad owes his shape to hours at the gym, which he began logging well before her Dec. 1 birth. (While pregnant, wife Jennifer Garner told Martha Stewart, “I’m getting bigger and bigger, and he’s getting skinnier and skinnier!”) Says his trainer of four years, Gunnar Peterson: “Ben’s been coming in five to six days a week for 60 to 90 minutes.” They vary his workout frequently, but it often involves an elliptical machine. “He’s consistent, and he improves daily,” says Peterson. Now, “he’s stronger, sinewy and lean.” Good thing, as Affleck’s next film casts him as George Reeves, TV’s Superman.

Peter Jackson

LOST 70 lbs.

Was it the excitement or his extra weight that left the Lord of the Rings director panting when he picked up 2004’s Best Picture Oscar? While working 21-hour days on his King Kong shoot, Jackson skipped the catering truck for his own yogurt, muesli or soup. (In his brief time off, he used a home gym.) The result? A more than 70-lb. loss—and, thanks to laser eye surgery, a whole new look. Says a rep: “He’s very determined.”

Terry O’Quinn

LOST 20 lbs.

When he moved from Baltimore to Hawaii to shoot ABC’s Lost in 2004, O’Quinn, who plays hunter-philosopher John Locke, embraced a healthy lifestyle—and dropped 20 lbs. “ You do a lot more walking and swimming in Hawaii, and you eat more fruit,” says O’Quinn, who also takes long bike rides with his wife, Lori. “There are trails that go for miles through the jungle and go up and down through the hills—it’s pretty great.” Another plus: His Lost performance is now that much more believable. Says O’Quinn: “We’re supposed to be on an island and slimming down.”

Jack Osbourne


“I’m so fed up of being overweight,” Ozzy’s son told trainer Mike Weeks last March. So together they set a goal: He would get fit enough to climb El Capitan, a 3,000-ft. granite wall in Yosemite. Osbourne trained for six months, enrolled in a kickboxing school and gave up Oreos and Pop-Tarts for vegetables and fish. On Sept. 14, 47 lbs. lighter, he reached the top of El Capitan. Now he has a new goal. Says Weeks: “He’s focused on having a six-pack.” Adds mum Sharon Osbourne: “Miracles do happen.”


“Women naturally have more fat than men—they want to look leaner,” says L.A. trainer Ramona Braganza, who has helped keep Jessica Alba and Hugh Jackman in shape. “I work men and women out differently.” For the guys, Braganza uses heavier weights and just a few sets of 6-10 reps. For women, it’s several sets of 12-15 reps, with lighter weights. To drop pounds, both sexes need cardio for at least 20 minutes, five days a week: “You have to burn calories.” (She assigns less cardio for slender guys. “Hugh is already ripped,” she says. “If you did more cardio, you’d make him shrink.”) To tone Jessica Alba‘s glutes, she has the star do walking lunges. And everyone gets a warning to watch their carb and sugar intake. “Without the nutrition part,” Braganza says, “all the working out won’t make a difference.”