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Rebecca Romijn-Stamos: Model

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Rebecca Romijn-Stamos would be the first to tell you that her nose is crooked, her face breaks out, and her lanky 5’11” frame earned her the nickname Jolly Blonde Giant back at Berkeley High School in Berkeley, Calif. “That’s me,” says the 26-year-old model and host of MTV’s House of Style. “It sums me up perfectly.” But take one look at her SPORTS ILLUSTRATED swimsuit-issue cover last winter or her bikini-baring “Got Milk?” ad and it’s obvious that being so flawed has its virtues. “She has a root-for-her beauty,” says MTV president Judy McGrath. “Women don’t resent her. She’s real.”

And that’s important to Romijn-Stamos, who married Full House actor John Stamos last September. “Nobody is perfect, myself included, and every model you have ever seen,” she says. “You have to let kids know that. I don’t have any shame.” When she gets pimples, she admits, “I squeeze them. Yep, I’m a popper.” And to prevent sun damage and still look great in a bikini, “I use the fake tan in a bottle. For some reason it works really well on me.” The daughter of a furniture-maker father and teacher mom, Romijn-Stamos says that she feels “most beautiful when I wake up in the morning. My lips are all puffy and full, my hair is all a mess. I mean, I am not a big hair-and-makeup person.” Her as-is face inspires envy among friends like 3rd Rock from the Sun’s Kristen Johnston, who says, “The most annoying thing about her is that she doesn’t wear makeup. That is so annoying.”

Something else bothers David Spade, whose fiancée Romijn-Stamos will play on Just Shoot Me‘s season finale. “Because she is so approachable,” he says, “all the freaks—including myself—come up to her and drool.”