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“Shelby and I have always been close, since the moment I saw him on the sonogram!” says Reba of her son with husband (and manager) Narvel Blackstock. Despite that bond, the singer was shocked when the 22-year-old announced he wanted to quit college to become a race-car driver. “You could have slapped me across the face and I wouldn’t have been any more surprised,” she says. “We thought he’d go into management. Thunder! We didn’t know what to do.”

What they did was become Shelby’s biggest fans, crossing the country to cheer him on as he’s entered the professional circuit. “Having them believe in me has meant everything,” says Shelby. While 170 mph speeds can make a mama fret, Reba draws from lessons learned in her own rodeo-riding family. “Mama and Daddy supported me in my music career,” she says. “So Narvel and me are 100 percent supporting Shelby in his passion. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.”