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May 07, 2012 12:00 PM

More than 15,000 women submitted their photos to, and readers voted on the final four

she’s 26


Hometown: Queens
Occupation: MBA student
Beauty bio: For the Ivory Coast native, feeling beautiful is a mind-set. “People can tell you you’re pretty,” she says, “but if you don’t feel that way inside, you’re never, ever going to feel beautiful.” One of her beauty revelations was leaving her hair natural. “It was like I was renewed,” she says. “I wish I had done it way before. I can rock a weave or relaxer or be natural and still be beautiful.”
Hair tip: “I preshampoo by massaging olive oil into my hair. Then I wait 15 minutes, shampoo, deep condition and style as usual.”

she’s 31

Bonnie SOTO

Hometown: Corona, Calif.
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom of three
Beauty bio: “The happiest people are also the most beautiful people,” says Soto, who finds the most joy at home with her family. “Even at night when I’m in my pajamas, pimple cream on, they still find me amazing. At the end of the day, I only care about their opinion.”
Daily routine: Soto’s five-minute makeup regimen-mineral powder, blush and either mascara or curling her eyelashes-is “so easy,” she says. “If I don’t have makeup on, I feel like I’m dragging. It always makes me feel refreshed.”

she’s 41


Hometown: Hermosa Beach, Calif.
Occupation: Beauty and style writer for various websites
Beauty bio: “I feel most beautiful when I take a couple minutes for myself, even if it’s just a quick bath or yoga,” says the mom of two, who’s undaunted by her 40s. “I love aging. I feel much more confident, wiser and less insecure than when I was younger.”
Makeup secret: One of Sutton’s favorite tricks is using tinted moisturizer daily. “It smoothes my skin and protects me from the elements,” she says.

she’s 54


Hometown: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Model
Beauty bio: Having gone gray in her 20s, Buchoz-a mom of three-stopped dying her hair in her late 40s after trimming it to the roots. “I wore a ball cap for three months, but when it started growing out, I was like, ‘Was I crazy?’ I have a gift that I was paying a fortune to hide.” A homemaker, Buchoz started modeling locally when her now-22-year-old twins left for college. Skin tip: Buchoz keeps her use of makeup to a minimum. “I walk and run seven days a week, so I typically have on no makeup and put my hair in a ponytail. I love makeup, but why waste it? I just wear a lot of sunscreen.”


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