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Ready to Wed

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Tyler Barrick & Spencer Jones

Together 6 years

San Francisco

“We both had a sense that history was being made,” says Jones (right).

Amber Weiss & Sharon Papo

Together 5 years

San Francisco

“We’re just two girls in love,” says Papo (right).

George Takei & Brad Altman

West Hollywood

“We’d been living in sin for 21 years,” jokes the former Star Trek actor (left). (License in hand, they plan to marry in September.)

Eric Manriquez & Juan Rivera

Together 5 years

Los Angeles

“It was an awesome feeling: ‘Finally, I am able to marry the person I love,'” says Manriquez (left). The couple’s wedding bands (inset) were engraved with arrows “to symbolize the pairing of two males.”

Annemary & Lori Franks

Together 18 years

San Francisco

In the wedding party: their daughters (from left) Julia, 11, Jax, 5, and Maggie, 13.

Tori & Kate Kuykendall

Together 5 years

West Hollywood

“We wanted to get married for the same reasons everyone else does,” says Tori (left). “It’s a commitment and a promise.”