People Staff
May 13, 2002 12:00 PM

Her motto for looking good? Mother knows best. “I pretty much borrow my entire beauty regime from my mom,” says Rashida Jones, 26, who plays a sassy assistant to the principal on FOX’s Boston Public. Who can blame her? Daughter of Mod Squad stunner Peggy Lipton, 55, and music mogul Quincy Jones, 69 (they divorced in 1989), the actress says she mimics Mom’s moves “so that when I’m her age, I can look how she looks.” She’s off to a good start, thanks to extreme moisturizing measures dictated by you-know-who. “Every time I see her, she’s offering me creams,” says Jones, whose favorite is Crème de la Mer. “I have eye cream, face cream—I even have eyelash moisturizer!” It’s paying off, says Lipton, who cites Jones’s skin as her best asset—but doesn’t want to leave out “her eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, cheekbones, forehead and eyebrows!” All that and brains too: She earned a B.A. from Harvard in 1997 and “was always a bookworm,” says her dad, who would catch her at age 5 “under the covers with a flashlight and five books.” To keep her 5’3″ frame in grade-A shape, Jones, who dates New York City deejay Mark Ronson, 26, works out with a personal trainer near her L.A. home and watches her dairy, starch and sugar intake. One favorite indulgence, she says, is “taking 10-minute catnaps. I can fall asleep anywhere.”

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