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December 20, 2004 12:00 PM


AGE: 30


LATEST GIGS: A second season of MTV’s Pimp My Ride, two films and a new CD

•Pimp my career: The rapper has parlayed his gig on Ride—in which he gleefully oversees the crew are West Cost Customs as they spiff up cash-strapped young drivers’ junky cars—into roles in two action flicks, Full Clip and the sequel to XXX. “The show just so happened to showcase a side of my personality that you wouldn’t have gotten to see unless you lived in my house with me,” he says. His first CD in over two years, Weapons of Mass Destruction” due Pee. 14, shows yet another side: “Political,” he says, “and very topical.”

•Laugh track: Xzibit (real name: Alvin Joiner) credits his mom, who died of caneer when he was 9, with his goofball sense of humor. “She had me watch Saturday Night Live arid The Muppet Show,” says Xzibit, who lived with his father in New Mexico before moving to L.A. on his own at age 17.

•Heaven can wait: Hosting the MTV Europe Music Awards in Rome last month, the rapper—a big Da Vinci Code fan—hit the sights, with one exception. “Everybody wanted to take me to the Vatican, but I only had 15-20 minutes so I was like, no way. Running in and out, that’s like giving God a high-five. You just can’t do that.”

•Riding high: Living in a five-bedroom hillside pad in suburban L.A., the unattached Xzibit, who has a son, Tremayne, 9, owns just two rides: a 2003 Hummer and a 2002 Mercedes-Benz. But, he’s quick to note, “They were pimped long before the show.”

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