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Randy Houser

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Randy Houser was taken by surprise when he learned he was going to be a daddy, but when his son West Yantz was born on March 6, the singer didn’t miss a thing. “After he was delivered, he squirmed around, opened his eyes and looked at me, so I was the first thing he saw,” Houser says. “I was laughing and crying at the same time-I couldn’t decide which way to go! I grabbed him, cut the cord and put his little diaper on.” And, says Houser’s wife, Jessa, he’s been just as hands-on ever since. “He’s supported me so much,” she says. “Seeing him with West made me fall in love with him all over again.” Becoming a dad changed everything, says the “Boots On” singer: “Every time I get on an airplane now, I say a prayer that I get back safe. To want to be home more than on the road is so different from before. With Jessa and West, it’s the first time I’ve had something to come home for.”