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Rad Dog! Rad Dog! When It Comes to Skateboarding, Sidney the Bulldog Is a Wheelie Big Star

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See Sidney.

See Sidney skateboard.

See Sidney crash into trees, utility poles and hydrants.

Does it bother Sidney? Heck, no. Sidney, a 4-year-old English bulldog who lives in Laguna Beach, Calif., just picks himself up, dusts himself off, climbs back on—and skates away.

Sidney’s owner, kennel manager Kathy Wood, 37, discovered him in a pet shop when he was two months old. “He was just the cutest thing I ever saw, all stomach,” she says. She took Sidney home to her ocean-view cottage, where he settled in nicely with her cats, Misty and Mittens. He enjoyed bones, kept his slobbering to a minimum and seemed just another well-adjusted California beach bulldog.

Then Wood took a friend’s children to the park to try out their new skateboards. The 8-year-old got on and took off. Sidney took off after the child, nudged him off the board, hopped on and skated off. “He only had eyes for the board,” says Wood. “He hit the fence, then turned the board around and came back the other way. I was amazed.”

Wood decided to do what any right-thinking California dog owner would do: She bought Sidney his own board and signed him up for lessons with animal trainer Penny Milne.

Sidney, who also likes to ride the waves on Wood’s skimboard, wears protective tape on all four feet when he skates. He also wears a floral visor and a necktie. Word of Sidney’s skills has reached Powell-Peralta, one of the largest skateboarding manufacturers. They have put him in an ad and a video, and they’re planning to make him an official member of the Bones Brigade, the Powell-Peralta skateboarding team. A Sidney T-shirt is in the works, and he is a featured player in the company’s next video.

See Sidney become a star.