People Staff
May 08, 2006 12:00 PM

Rachel Bilson

Voted sexiest in her senior class, Bilson, 25, a star of FOX’s The O.C., figured out her formula early on and stuck to it

DRUGSTORE DEAL: 99¢ wet n wild white eyeliner. “I’ve always used wet n wild! A light liner on the inside of your eyes really opens them up.”

TRIED AND TRUE: “I shop at Sav-On a lot—Lip Smackers and Maybelline mascara.”

DIY BEAUTY: “The Emmys was the one time I had my hair and makeup done. I do it myself almost all the time.” And she avoids spas. “The only time I got a professional massage, I was nauseous.”

BIGGEST DON’T: “The brown lip liner with pink lipstick phase in junior high.”

COMES WITH THE PACKAGE: Boyfriend and costar Adam Brody “loves my freckles.”

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