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Quincy Jones

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NORMALLY, TEENAGERS ENJOY HANGING OUT WITH their friends’ fathers about as much as they like getting grounded. But that wasn’t the case when Jolie Jones was growing up. “All my friends always thought he was hot,” says Jolie, 43, of her cool Daddy-O. “His eyes are so sparkly. His smile is sweet and warm. He’s a fox.” At 63, the hard-working composer and record producer (26 Grammys and 33 major movie scores to his credit) expends effort with his beauty arsenal: Lazartigue orchid shampoo, Kiehl’s oatmeal facial cleanser and Creed, a French cologne. “Every time I see him,” reports his friend Oprah Winfrey, “I say, ‘Oh, you smell so good’ ” Jones, a 20-year practitioner of hatha yoga, also lifts weights, runs on a treadmill and, on some mornings, does 200 grueling pushups for his personal trainer. This father of seven, however, draws the line at cosmetic surgery. “I’m afraid to take a chance with that,” he says. “You could come out worse.” Besides, he’s not self-conscious about his imperfections. Pointing to the scars on his forehead from two near-fatal brain aneurysms he suffered in 1974, Jones says, “These are true life stripes. I’m glad to be here.”