Alyssa Shelasky
September 15, 2008 12:00 PM

Last season, your character Chuck had second thoughts about his relationship with Blair (Leighton Meester) and abandoned her. Does he regret it this season?

The Blair thing will be a strong theme throughout the whole season. Does he love her? Does he not love her? He’s trying to work that out.

There are rumors that you’re a womanizer like your character. Well?

I’m not a player. I’m going to get a tattoo that reads “I heart romance.” I saw it on a bathroom wall in a bar. I’m the last of the romantics, so it’s perfect for me.

Why do you think women are attracted to you?

They want Chuck, not me. Chicks dig a bad boy. They’re just really into the character.

There are also rumors that you’re dating costar Chace Crawford.

It’s very comical. We’re two lads who are very close friends, but we’re as straight as they come.

Aside from such rumors, is there anything else annoying about being on Gossip Girl?

Shaving every day. Chuck’s supposed to be 17, so he can’t have scruff yet. I get the makeup artist to shave me, because she just does it better. Poor Penn [Badgley] has to shave his chest—that’s worse.

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