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November 26, 2007 12:00 PM

At long last, Matt has been crowned Sexiest Man Alive. How does that make you feel?

I’m really reluctant to give up the crown, but Matt did run an extremely good campaign this time.

What was it about this year that finally did it?

You know he’s the Susan Lucci of Sexiest Man, but I think it was the work he did on Ocean’s Thirteen that tipped him over. I know Bourne was a big hit, but he did really sexy work in Ocean’s–he even wore a big nose in one scene. Once they realized even with a big rubber nose he could still look hot, that did it.

When did you first realize just how sexy Matt is?

The very first time I noticed was when he was in a green Speedo in The Talented Mr. Ripley. I remember thinking to myself, “Not since Halle Berry coming out of the water in the Bond film has there been such sexiness. This guy’s definitely got what it takes to take home the sash.” But there’s a lot that goes into it. He’d come to my house and say, “Listen, does this move make me sexy?” Brad and I worked with him a lot on his walk and on his posture.

How would you describe his brand of sexiness?

The three sexiest qualities are both of his eyes and he’s got a good smile. A good, wholesome, all-American smile.

You’ve watched him evolve over the years and become a husband and a father. What’s special about Matt?

He’s smart as a whip, he’s incredibly talented, he’s the nicest, kindest actor and person I know. But all those qualities pale in comparison to his sexiness.

What about Matt as a father?

He’s phenomenal. He absolutely adores those kids. He’s doing it really well.

Both Matt and Brad brought the kids to the Ocean’s set, right?

Yeah, it’s funny. Brad’s got a baseball team. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Matt have more kids because he seems very taken with it. It’s great. They’re all funny, smart kids and all those guys seem to do it so well.

What are the benefits and pitfalls of being Sexiest Man?

There’s a lot of responsibility with this. I believe in the event that he can’t serve, the former Sexiest Man can take over, so if he slips up, I’m ready to take back the crown. When we were lobbying for him earlier I don’t think he was ready for it. It takes some maturity. Now I think he can handle the pressure.

Do you have any advice for his wife?

Well, she’s had to deal with all of the disappointment year after year, but now she understands that she’s locked in with the Sexiest Man Alive, and I think that there’s prestige involved. It’s like being with a whole different man now.

Did you congratulate him?

I did. I told him this is the next step for him, because after a while movies get old. How much money and how many accolades do you need? What you really want is this sash and this tiara, and he’s got it now and he can retire.

At the risk of being forward, if you asked me (which you didn’t) I would suggest Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for this award. He’s like a taller, better-looking version of me anyway. Plus, he’s the best quarterback in the history of football. Plus, he does terrific work in Africa with the folks I work with at DATA and ONE. Plus, he might be the most genuinely kind person in the public eye. Plus, he dates Gisele Bündchen, who, needless to say, looks almost as hot as my wife in Victoria’s Secret.

What do you think about the fact that our Sexiest Man chose you as the one he thinks should actually receive the honor?
Matt and I always argue about who’s sexier.

As an honorary Bostonian, what makes Boston guys sexy?
No nonsense. There is a certain level of loyalty and brotherhood Bostonians have that is hard to find in other cities.

So are you and Matt good friends?
We met six years ago on a film set. I was always a fan of his. We are both supporters of the ONE foundation and have met supporting various causes in Africa, having both visited over the past few years.

Did people think you were sexy in high school?
I don’t think I knew what that meant!

How much flack are you going to get from the guys on the team now that you’re one of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Men Alive?
When does this get published again? Oh, man …

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