People Staff
February 21, 2005 12:00 PM

Cleans up good, doesn’t he? “This is to let people get to see the real me,” says Britney Spears‘s husband of five months, dancer Kevin Federline, 26. He’s talking about a makeover that’ll be launched with the March cover of Details magazine. The man known for loping alongside the pop star in frayed baggy jeans and tank tops is dressed in a Sean John Collection suit and holding the couple’s chihuahua Bitbit. That last touch was Britney’s idea—she was by his side in December during the Manhattan photo shoot. But this is all about figuring out who Kevin Federline is apart from Spears, 23, the woman who gifted him with both love and instant celebrity of the I’m-with-her variety. The Federline the world knows is a “laid-back guy,” he says, “not too complicated. Kind of quiet.” Now he’s ratcheting up the volume…a little. He’s thinking of modeling—there’ll be another spread for L’Uomo Vogue—as well as acting, producing music and designing his own fashion line. “I have a bunch of different ideas for jeans, sports jackets and shirts,” says Federline, whose taste in labels runs to Libertine, Gucci, Burberry and Sean John. “It would be the rock and roll side of cool dress-up clothes.”

Settling down with his new wife in their Malibu mansion, he still finds plenty of opportunities for just dressing down. He and Britney enjoy frequent visits from his two children with his ex, actress Shar Jackson, including 7-month Kaleb. In recent weeks the missus has tried some cooking, “stews you see. Not too complicated” and pot roasts,” he says. “The first pot roast was awesome. However the second…. I don’t know what went wrong, but we couldn’t eat it.” At night, they’ll watch TV. “I like CSI,” he says. “Britney likes Ellen and Oprah-girl stuff.” And who holds the remote control in bed at night? “Oh, I do.”

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