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Puppy Love

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GLENN CLOSE with Bill & Jake

Close supports Puppies Behind Bars, which trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans

Fixtures on the set of her legal drama Damages, Close’s two terrier mixes love “greeting the crew and being petted,” says the actress, 65. At home Bill takes his cues from “soulful zen master” Jake. “If Jakey pees, Billy will always pee at the same place, but never the other way around,” says Close, laughing. Whether it’s lapping up saltwater at the beach or fighting over food at home (“they’d do anything for a dried-beef treat”), the spunky pooches keep the star and her daughter Annie Starke, 24, constantly on their toes. “The unconditional love really calms and centers you,” says Close. “Life would be very different without dogs.”


Stonestreet adopted his pal from Beagles & Buddies rescue organization

Coleman, a Jack Russell terrier-beagle mix, knows his place in the world. Yes, he has his own Twitter account and sleeps in the bed-snoring under the covers-alongside his owner, Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet, but “he really doesn’t want to be in charge,” says the actor. Happiest playing Frisbee or ball, “Coleman doesn’t ask for much,” says Stonestreet, 40, who recently teamed with Beneful dog food to build a dog park in Birmingham, Ala. “But what he gives me is amazing.”

JOSH HOPKINS with Maxwell

Hopkins volunteers at (and adopted Max from) Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles

It was love at first sight for the Cougar Town star when he spotted Maxwell, his “handsome” long-haired German Shepherd, while volunteering for L.A.’s Westside German Shepherd Rescue center three years ago. “I could just tell he was a really intelligent, very special dog,” says Hopkins, who adopted Max, then 6 months old, that very day. “It was the best decision I’ve ever made. He is my best friend.” A lifelong fan of the breed (his childhood shepherd pup Morgan “was like a big brother to me,” he says), Hopkins, 41, and his “superplayful” 95-lb. buddy are now inseparable. “The perfect rescue dog is out there for everybody,” says the actor. “You just have to find it.”

Stars Who Tweet Their Pet Pics!

Celebs don’t hesitate to show off their furry friends to their Twitter-following fans


One of the singer’s many pets, “Ziggy Piggy” even gave her a Mother’s Day card this year.


The actor’s longtime pooch always seems to be a good sport, even dressing up for Halloween (as a banana).


Of her constant companions, Underwood has said, “I couldn’t imagine not having that little piece of home with me.”


The Vampire Diaries star started a foundation to help animals in need.

BRUNO MARS & Geronimo

The singer, who is currently working on his second album, introduced his first dog to his followers in April.


Swift made a video of her adorable roommate to rally fans to vote for her for the Academy of Country Music Awards.