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Princess Diana

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Since 1980, Diana has been more heavily stalked by lensmen than any Hollywood star. Yet, whether she’s warmly wrapped for skiing with sons William and Harry or dressed in mourning, as she was for her father’s funeral in early April, the paparazzi have rarely caught her looking less than regal. “She would have been beautiful even if she had not become the Princess of Wales,” notes Hamish Bowles of the tony magazine Harpers & Queen. “But she has been elevated to an almost iconic image of beauty.” Adds veteran royal photographer Jayne Fincher: “She’s the ultimate that all women secretly aspire to—long legs, slim and those big blue eyes.”

Palace reporter James Whitaker of the Daily Mirror concurs. The Princess, nearly 31, “still does that lowering of the head and raising the eyes,” he says. “It’s her trademark, a most attractive habit.” Indeed, it wasn’t patriotism alone that made Diana the No. 1 pinup among British troops during the Gulf War.