People Staff
September 16, 1996 12:00 PM

With Britain’s pubescent girls falling asleep beneath pinups of their dreamy king-to-be, it’s lucky Prince William, 14, inherited Diana’s flawless taste as well as her face. “He already looks like a model. He makes no mistakes,” says Clueless costumer Mona May of the classically collegiate clothes Wills favors. Londoner Penny Rose predicts that the man who will rule Britannia will also govern his wardrobe closely. The Eton experience, she explains, sets him up for a certain “standard of dressing the rest of your life—you wear cuff links and shine your shoes every day.” But one judge finds such princely perfection a royal pain. Says a hopeful Jonathan Katz: “He’s young, and he can still learn how to dress badly.”

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