People Staff
July 18, 1991 12:00 PM

Oh, what a mighty might-have-been. He was offered James Bond, but his commitment to Remington Steele got in the way. Michael Cable offered condolences. Recalls Caine: “He said, “Oh, no, I’ve been saved for something better.’ You can’t get him down.” Indeed, with his wife, Cassandra Harris, in treatment for cancer, Brosnan says that humor is “the backbone of my life. And when illness comes into your life, you lean more on your faith [his is Catholic]. Even on the gray days, I’ve been thankful.” So are those who’ve worked with him. “He’s so down-to-earth and funny,” says JoBeth Williams, Brosnan’s costar in Victim of Love. But there’s a downside. Quips Williams: “I found myself doing two hours of hair and makeup every day, just to try to look half as attractive as my leading man.”

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