People Staff
January 20, 1986 12:00 PM

Various nonartists

Lou Albano, Junk Yard Dog, Hillbilly Jim and their colleagues approach singing with the same degree of seriousness and skill as they do poking each other’s eyes out. That is to say, they make a feeble show of it and never come close to the real thing. Don’t be fooled: This is not funny bad music, it’s just bad. There doesn’t seem to be any attempt at cleverness. There’s only, for instance, Albano croaking out his name for three minutes or Nikolai Volkoff singing Cara Mia even further off key than Jay and the Americans did. The only wrestler who might be able to sing his way into a third-grade chorus is Jimmy Hart, whose Eat Your Hart Out, Rick Springfield is, if not a bright spot, at least a moment when the earmuffs can come off without risking permanent apoplexy. The best possible explanation for this album is that one of its producers, Jim Steinman, is a longtime collaborator of Meat Loaf’s and may be trying to curry favor with the grappling crowd in case Meat needs to turn to the mats to pick up some spending money. (Epic)

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