People Staff
November 12, 1979 12:00 PM

If you only miss one movie this year, make sure this is it. Joan Collins, debasing herself as few actresses of substance have done, plays a London nightclub owner who is so tired of her rich, older husband that she throws her clothes off whenever the title character even gets near her neighborhood; at 46, she still has an attractive body, but displays it with such insistent regularity that she seems more ludicrous than sensuous. The script, by Collins’ younger sister Jackie from her own novel, is—to be generous—slimy, vulgar and stupid. Oliver Tobias, a minor British actor who plays Collins’ kept man, seems far more used up than even his profession would justify. The film’s only entertaining moment comes when someone tries to insult him by saying, “You’re nothing but a working-class bum in Gucci shoes.” (R)

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