David Hiltbrand
November 29, 1993 12:00 PM

>Jeff Sagansky


WE CONTINUE OUR SERIES of talks with the men who determine the network schedules. This week: sagacious Jeff Sagansky, president of CBS Entertainment. His appraisal of his network’s Hottest Rookies: “Dave’s World, The Nanny and Harts of the West.” Disappointments: “South of Sunset and It Had to Be You.” Wouldn’t Mind Borrowing: “NYPD Blue [ABC] is a terrific show.” In the Wings: “We have two series that I think are potential big hits. One is Second Chances, a serial drama-romantic mystery from the creators of Homefront. And I’m very-excited about a show called Christy, based on a huge best-selling book about a young woman who goes to the Great Smokies to teach in 1912. Tyne Daly and Kellie Martin of Life Goes On are the stars. And although at this point I’ve only read a script, I have high hopes for the Tom Arnold sitcom, Tom.”

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