Jason Lynch and Chris Willard
August 18, 2008 12:00 PM

Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride


Pineapple Express is a goofy treat—particularly if you, uh, identify with its pothead leads, process server Dale (Rogen, who also cowrote) and his dealer Saul (Franco). When a high-as-usual Dale witnesses a drug lord (Gary Cole) offing his competitor, he and Saul go on the run—packing munchies galore of course. Franco makes Saul the funniest screen stoner since Brad Pitt‘s barely-there turn in 1993’s True Romance (he dreamily frets that smoking a particularly potent strain of weed would be “like killing a unicorn”). He and McBride, playing Saul’s dim-bulb boss, nab all the choice lines (better luck next time, Rogen). Pineapple is a novel twist on the stoner comedy—for once, their drug-induced paranoia is actually justified—but my interest waned as it shifted into a violent shoot-’em-up. I’ll take Franco’s hazy observations over a giant fireball any day.

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