David Hiltbrand
August 27, 1990 12:00 PM

NBC (Thurs., Aug. 23, 8:30 P.M. ET)


Charlie (18 Again) Schlatter stars in this admirably energetic if only mildly appealing remake of Matthew Broderick’s 1986 film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Part Eddie Haskell and part Sergeant Bilko, he’s a sly high school junior who has got life knocked. For instance, he keeps a ticker in his locker that tells him when the surfs up and the stock market is down. When he’s threatened with suspension, he brings in a lawyer (in an NBC in-joke, it’s Alan Rachins from L.A. Law) to plea-bargain.

Lying in wait for this smooth operator are Richard Riehle as the school principal and Jennifer Aniston (another Fox recruit, from Molloy) as Ferris’s jealous sister.

Though the show, which will settle in on Mondays at 8:30 P.M. ET, has a distinctively snappy visual style, the writing is relentlessly smart ass. And if you believe Schlatter is of an age to be taking his SATs, I have some beachfront property in Kuwait I’d like to sell you.

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