Kristin McMurran
March 14, 1988 12:00 PM

With Jan Nickman’s skilled direction and exceptional cinematography by Gray Warriner of Camera One Productions, this 40-minute video album transforms the Grand Canyon into something magical. Shot over a three-year period, the tape is divided into six segments that showcase the canyon from varying angles. The sinuous chasm is first seen through a veil of clouds. The coiling Colorado river that seems so tame from above becomes a roiling mass of muddy water—filmed in slow motion and without natural sound—that all but swallows a party of bright yellow rafts. Time-lapse photography captures the interplay of light and shadows as morning washes over the canyon’s jagged promontories and nighttime summons a canopy of stars. Such arresting images inspired the lush electronic music by the West German band Tangerine Dream for this third production in a fine series. (Miramar Productions; $29.95; 206-545-4337; P.O. Box 15661, Seattle, Wash. 98115)

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