People Staff
January 10, 1983 12:00 PM

“*$#@% it, you * @½&$#ing watermelon, let’s **%$#” @¼ go and %$$** @ @¼ing *¼* it!” That is not code, although it might as well be. It is the essence of the dialogue and plot of this movie, which is noteworthy only for the impressive feature debut of Saturday Night Live’s Eddie Murphy. He proves that he can be a screen presence, in spite of a script so paralyzingly tedious, with dialogue so stultifyingly profane, that you can take two naps, go out for popcorn and a two-mile jog, and still come back to find the same car chase going on. For the record, the film is about a foul-mouthed cop, Nick Nolte, using a foul-mouthed inmate, Murphy, to catch some foul-mouthed cop-killers. It would better have been called 24 Minutes, for that amount of time would easily contain what substance it has. (R)

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