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Picks and Pans Main: Tube

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SO THE BASEBALL SEASON HAS BEEN disrupted again—the eighth work stoppage in 22 years. (It’s kind of hard to designate this as a labor problem when your employee’s average annual wage is $1.2 million.) Actually. I knew this was going to happen. The New York Yankees, the only team whose fortunes I have lived and died with since I was a kid, were way out in front of the American League East. The last time the Yankees were play-off bound was 1981, so of course the players went out on strike that year too. It’s karma. Not that we’re missing much. This new Baseball Network, an alliance between ABC, NBC and major league baseball, has been a bust. Their regional coverage means you get to see your home team—which you would have anyway—while the other games usually available on cable get blacked out. What a great deal! Leave it to the networks to give us a bland and extremely restricted menu while trying to convince us we’re sitting at a smorgasbord. I would love to see the Yankees in the World Series. Otherwise—to paraphrase “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”—I don’t care if they never come back.