David Hiltbrand
September 13, 1993 12:00 PM

David Letterman sure kicked off his CBS Late Show in high style with a wonderfully wry monologue (“Remember that woman who was breaking into my home? Now she’s breaking into my home again, but she’s doing it an hour earlier”), desk-defacing graffiti artist Bill Murray as first guest and silly surprises like conducting a séance to summon up the ghost of Ed Sullivan. Of course, as Dave reminded us right off the bat in acknowledging his welcoming ovation, he’s had plenty of time to prepare: “If you think about it, all I really did is take the summer off.” For his sake, I hope Letterman’s new venture succeeds. Twice during his inaugural broadcast, car commercials came on with Dennis Miller providing the voice for a slobbery cartoon dog, a poignant reminder of what happens to out-of-work talk show hosts.

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