Paul Chi
August 16, 2010 12:00 PM

The Other Guys

Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes | PG-13 |


Like the stumblebum cops it features, The Other Guys makes every possible mistake but still comes out a winner. Gamble (Ferrell) is an emotionally needy nerd teamed with Hoitz (Wahlberg), an over-eager crusader who somehow lets the phrase “I’m a peacock-you gotta let me fly!” come out of his mouth. They’re the jokes of the force, but they could be the right pair to bring down a crooked financier (Steve Coogan), whose shady deal is so confusing even ex-accountant Gamble can’t explain it. While I’m griping, there are way too many homophobic jokes, the film’s tone veers from satire to silliness and back, and Wahlberg’s character is ill-defined. But-and it’s a big but-he still finds the laughs. In fact, everyone is pretty funny in The Other Guys, from Mendes as Gamble’s smokin’ wife to Michael Keaton as the police captain to Ice-T as the faux-gritty narrator. In fact, the only downer is the closing credits, with its scroll of cruel financial stats. Nothing kills a buzz like seeing how much CEOs make.

Step Up 3-D

Rick Malambri, Sharni Vinson, Adam G. Sevani | PG-13 |


You know the cliches: Rich girl loves poor boy, guys instantly know all the steps to an unfamiliar dance, and a team falls apart only to reunite in the end. Then again Step Up isn’t really about the plot, which incidentally is that the Pirates-led by hunky but bland Luke (Malambri, stepping into the Channing Tatum role)-need to win a dance battle to keep their live/work space. (Try not to wonder how they can afford a wall of designer sneakers if they’re so broke.) The film is about dancing, much of which is incredible. Too bad the visual effects meant to make the action more dynamic only obscure the moves.


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