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February 15, 2010 12:00 PM

Marry Him

by Lori Gottlieb |



In 2005 journalist Lori Gottlieb decided to have a baby via a sperm donor. Never married at 37, she felt liberated by the idea that Mr. Right would appear in due time. But after four years of babysitters and bad dates, Gottlieb saw no sign of him. “I was naive,” she says now. “Nobody told me the reality of dating.”

In Marry Him Gottlieb sets out to give women in their 20s and 30s the insight she wishes she’d had. Her argument: Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist, so be realistic about what one human being can provide, and stop sending flawed finds packing. She interviews her single and married friends, cites experts, meets matchmakers and illustrates her own struggle to change. (She initially resisted one promising suitor because of his bow tie.)

The author’s voice is funny and relatable, and she insists she’s anything but antiromance. “I’m not saying give up on the fairy tale,” says Gottlieb, now 43 and still single. “But the fairy tale involves a fulfilling life with Mr. Good Enough. And if you figure that out at 30, you have a much better chance of finding him.”

Healing Hearts

by Kathy E. Magliato, M.D.



One of the few female heart surgeons in the world, Magliato presents a fascinating look at the life-or-death world of cardiothoracic surgery. Along the way she reminds readers that heart disease presents differently in women (nausea, jaw pain), kills a woman every 60 seconds and is largely preventable. Magliato’s passion and verbal skills make her the kind of doctor you’d want—and a writer to watch.

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