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Peter Jennings

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Network Anchorman Par Excellence, 54

FASHION IDOL: “The Prince of Wales. And I mean the old Prince of Wales.”

PERSONAL STYLE: Classic chic. “I’ve pretty much worn the same basic thing my whole adult life.”

ON HIS NERVES: Men who try too hard. “One week they’re all Gap, then it’s Eddie Bauer, then the Banana Republic.”

A suit is a suit is a suit, except when it encases drop-anchor-handsome Peter Jennings. Even if he showed up one day in khaki shorts and a polo shirt, he would still be the fellow you’d most trust to tell you the world was ending. But how reassuring to see him so elegantly composed in his dark suit, discreet tie and ever present pocket handkerchief as he weighs in nightly on ABC’s World News Tonight. Once a devotee of Marks & Spencer, a British department-store chain, Canadian-born Peter now buys American. “I’m supporting the country where I live,” he says. Long may his pocket handkerchief wave.