People Staff
July 18, 1991 12:00 PM

Sometimes stubble makes the man. Peter Horton lent his for four seasons to Gary, thirtysomething‘s loveable basset hound, but he can’t bring himself to bury it with the character. “It’s a self-image I sort of like to dawdle in and rummage around in.” he reflects. “I suppose on some level it’s me trying to prove to myself I’m not just a shallow WASP—that I actually do have substance.” Formerly married to Michelle Pfeiffer (“We really are a lot closer [now] in some ways”), Horton more recently has been seeing model Jean Pelton. Even before Gary’s demise, the actor began to migrate toward directing. “I like creating a vision, pulling together all the elements,” he says. “It’s akin to being in the woods when I was a kid creating little worlds of G.I. Joe and tree forts.” He adds, “Being in front of the camera has always been a battle for me. My tenancy is to try to hide from the camera. But I hope I can keep both going. John Huston’s my paradigm. If I could play a relatively small role in Chinatown but at the same time direct great films, I would have it made.”

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