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Paulina Porizkova

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Success is the best revenge,” declares drop-dead gorgeous Porizkova, 27. Example: After a hapless childhood as a Czech refugee in Sweden (“I was on the school geek squad”), she years later “ran into a guy I had a hopeless crush on, the one I wrote about in my journal. He had never even talked to me. Now he says, ‘Paulina, you’re so beautiful, get on my bike, we’ll go for a ride.’ I say, ‘Sorry, my limo’s around the corner.’ ” And that was before she signed a long-term $6 million deal to rep Estée Lauder in the cosmetics wars. Paulina escaped Sweden in 1980, when a snapshot of her ended up at the Elite agency. She modeled for three years in Paris before moving to New York City and in 1989 sealed her supermodeldom by marrying rocker Ric Ocasek, 43, former lead of the Cars. “What happened to me,” she laughs, “should happen to every person on the geek squad.”