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Patrick Wilson

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In real life, Patrick Wilson Angels in America, The Phantom of the Opera) is a husband and father. In his new movie Little Children, he’s also a philanderer—a suburban dad who embarks on an affair with a neighbor (Kate Winslet) and gives new meaning to the words “spin cycle” during a memorable laundry-room love scene. Wilson, 33, sat down with PEOPLE’s Natasha Stoynoff.

Mercy! We thought laundry rooms were for washing clothes!

I’d only been married a month and a half when we shot that! Luckily my wife [Dagmara Dominczyk] is an actress. She’s done love scenes.

Were you nervous? Cold?

Not doing the scene…. It’s the getting ready for it that’s awkward and bizarre. You’re standing around [naked], and they’re doing the lighting. But you just have to laugh and get on with it and go, “Okay, here I am! Here we go!”

Your character is a love machine and a sensitive guy. Sound like you?

Let’s just say since my son Kalin was born three months ago, I know far more about breast feeding than I thought ever possible for a man.

Did Kate Winslet give you parenting advice?

We were talking this morning, and I was telling her he didn’t sleep well that night and she said, “How old is he? Oh, he’s probably going through a growth spurt….” She’s very helpful.

Do you sing him lullabies?

I sing “Breeze off the River,” a song I sang on Broadway in The Full Monty. It’s a very smooth, pretty song and my wife loves it. Only I don’t always remember all the lyrics.

Speaking of which, isn’t it nap time?

Actually, it’s tummy time. You gotta schedule in “tummy time” now, where you put them on their tummy to get strong neck and back muscles.

Maybe he’ll inherit your abs. Are they genetic?

Nope. Push-ups and sit-ups. And pushing the stroller.

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