People Staff
May 06, 1996 12:00 PM

TELEVISION HASN’T SEEN A SMIRK THIS SEXY since Bruce Willis mugged his way through Moonlighting. Patrick Muldoon’s knowing smile adds extra heat to his steamy scenes on Melrose Place, where his fashion-designer character Richard Hart likes to play patty-cake with women’s hearts. Daphne Zuniga (the smitten Jo) says he’s “a hunky, studly guy who’s very tan, but he’s not hung up on his looks. Though occasionally he will ask, ‘What’s up with my lid?’ ”

His lid? “Beauty is all in the lid for a guy,” explains the Los Angeles bachelor, 27. “I mean, just look at Elvis Presley and James Dean. They had great hair. That’s what I’ve got going for me, my lid.” Calvin Klein certainly thought so when he plucked the college linebacker out of a Men of USC calendar back in 1988 and signed him up as a jeans model, exposure that earned Muldoon three years on the NBG soap Days of Our Lives. Now that he has made it to prime time, Muldoon preserves his lid with Dax hair wax and eats light to keep his 180-lb. body trim (“When I gain weight in my face, I start looking like a chipmunk”). But the Melrose meanie struggles to maintain a stubble-free kisser. “The makeup people really hate me because I’m such a bad shaver,” says Muldoon. “I show up to work every day with half my face cut off.” That would be the half that isn’t smirking.

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