David Cobb Craig
July 13, 1998 12:00 PM


Roses are blooming at the home of Sylvester Stallone, who turns 52 on July 6, and his wife, former model Jennifer Flavin, 29, who announced the birth of their second daughter, Sistine Rose (7 lbs. 6 ozs.) on June 27 in L.A. Sister Sophia Rose turns 2 in August….

Actor Joe Lando, 36, costar of TV’s recently canceled Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and wife Kirsten, 27, celebrated the arrival of their first child, Jack Neville (7 lbs.) on June 3 in L.A.


FOX News Channel reporter Douglas Kennedy, 31, son of Ethel Kennedy and the late RFK, and longtime girlfriend special-education teacher Molly Stark, 28, announced in June that they will wed in August. It will be the first marriage for both.


Soul survivor Curtis Mayfield, 56, underwent surgery on June 18 in Atlanta to have his right leg amputated below the knee because of an infection related to diabetes. In 1990 the Superfly composer was left paralyzed from the neck down after lighting equipment fell on him during a concert. He has nonetheless sustained his recording career and is expected back in the studio in the near future.


On June 28 former Beatle George Harrison, 55, revealed via The News of the World, a British newspaper, that he had been battling throat cancer until recently but now considers himself cured. Harrison discovered a lump on his neck in July 1997, and doctors removed it the following month. After two courses of radiation therapy in London and further tests at the Mayo Clinic in the U.S., Harrison, calling himself “very lucky,” says he was given a clean bill of health by his specialists. In April, Linda McCartney, wife of Harrison compañero Paul, died of breast cancer at 56.


Police detained rock and roller Eddie Money, 49, on June 28 and arrested him on suspicion of battery. They then held him in custody for 12 hours after he allegedly scrapped with a male business associate outside an apartment building in L.A.’s Westwood section. The incident is under investigation.


Murphy Brown’s Faith Ford, 33, married writer Campion Murphy, 35, on June 27 in Carmel, Calif. It was the second marriage for the Louisiana-born lady, who was the wife of actor Robert Nottingham for seven years before their 1996 divorce.


On June 30, President Clinton confirmed the name of the Vietnam War soldier who had been enshrined in the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery for 14 years. Following a disinterment in May, DNA tests proved the identity of Air Force 1st Lt. Michael Blassie, who had been declared missing in action after his attack jet crashed in 1972 when he was 24. According to his family’s wishes, Blassie’s remains will be reburied at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery near St. Louis, his hometown.


Fashion stalwart Calvin Klein, 55, filed a lawsuit against his rival and fellow parfumeur Ralph Lauren, 58, on June 19 in Manhattan. Klein claims the design of the bottle for Lauren’s Romance, which is not yet on the market, bears more than a whiff of resemblance to the bottle for Klein’s fragrance Eternity. The two sides will air their vial differences in court on July 20.

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