October 23, 1995 12:00 PM

Japanese actor Eiji Okada, 75, who starred in the 1959 film Hiroshima, Mon Amour, died on Sept. 14 in Tokyo of heart failure. In 1963, Okada appeared opposite Marlon Brando as head of a fictitious Asian country called Sarkhan in The Ugly American….

Kukrit Pramoj, 84, who played Sarkhan’s prime minister in the same film, died on Oct. 9 in Bangkok of heart disease. Pramoj, a banker and politician, landed the role after being hired as a technical consultant for the film. Twelve years later he became prime minister of Thailand and served 14 months before being defeated in a 1976 election by his brother Seni….

Longtime ABC News correspondent John Scali, 77, died on Oct. 9 in Washington of heart failure. While covering the State Department in 1963, Scali’s behind-the-scenes negotiations with the Soviets on behalf of the U.S. helped resolve the Cuban missile crisis. He later served as a consultant to President Nixon (1971-73), then spent two years as U.S. Representative to the U.N. before returning to ABC.

Melrose Place star Andrew Shue, 28, wed his former agent Jennifer Hageney, 31, on Oct. 7 in the northern Montana town of Swan Lake. It is a first marriage for both.

Actor Robert De Niro, 52, was booked for misdemeanor assault by New York City police on Oct. 7 after decking a freelance video photographer. Joseph Ligier, 25, was shooting stars outside the Bowery Bar and claims De Niro punched him when he refused to hand over his tape. De Niro is free pending a hearing next month.

Queen Elizabeth II, 69, suffered a cracked collarbone three weeks ago while accompanying a shooting party on her Scottish estate, Balmoral. A two-pound grouse, shot by one of the hunters, fell from the sky and smacked the Queen on her shoulder. Her Majesty is expected to make a full recovery. Not so the grouse….

On Oct. 9, Elizabeth Taylor, 63, again went under the knife, this time to fix a limp that resulted from her March 1994 hip replacement….

On Oct. 1, dancer Tommy Tune, 56, broke his left foot during a Tampa performance of the musical Busker Alley. Tune will spend six weeks in a cast. No word yet whether he’ll be in dancing shape by Alley’s Nov. 16 Broadway bow.

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