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Actor and game-show host Bert Convy, 56, died at his home in Los Angeles on July 15 after a 15-month battle with a brain tumor. The affable, upbeat host of Win, Lose or Draw and Tattle-tales had also appeared on Broadway (Fiddler on the Roof and Cabaret), guest-starred on numerous TV shows, had a short run in the sitcom It’s Not Easy (1983) and acted in the movie Hero at Large (1980). Five months ago, Convy married his long-time girlfriend, Catherine Hills, who was with him at the time of his death, as were his three adult children from an earlier marriage. Burt Reynolds, who coproduced Win, Lose or Draw with Convy and who visited with him two days prior to his death, says, “I’ve often thought about what a career Bert would have had if he had been around in the MGM days of Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly. He would have been right up there because he could act, he sang great, and he danced wonderfully.”…

Gerome Ragni, 48, who in 1968 brought the “Age of Aquarius” to Broadway when he cowrote and starred in Hair, died of cancer on July 10 in New York City. Although Ragni later wrote other shows, he was never able to duplicate Hair’s success. At the time of his death, he was working with his Hair collaborators—writer James Rado and composer Gait MacDermot—on a new musical, Sun. “It’s like Hair, but a little less crazy,” says MacDermot. “Unfortunately it will be difficult to do without [Ragni] because he was able to perform his material better than anyone else.”…

Tough guy Frank Rizzo, 70, a lightning rod for race-relation and police-brutality controversies while serving as police chief and then Mayor (1972-80) of Philadelphia, died of a heart attack on July 16. Rizzo had recently been running again for the Mayor’s job.

Ted Kennedy Jr., 29, son of Sen. Edward Kennedy, has announced that he recently completed a three-week-long alcohol-treatment program at the Institute of Living in Hartford. Ted Jr., who lost his right leg to cancer when he was 12, received a master’s degree in environmental science from Yale in May and has been looking for work in the Cape Cod area. “My decision to seek help was based on my belief that continued use of alcohol is impairing my ability to achieve the goals I care about,” he said.

Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy, 26, the ninth of the 11 children of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy, wed Victoria Anne Strauss, 27, on July 13 in Philadelphia. The couple were married in a Catholic church, and Hebrew prayers (Strauss is Jewish) were offered at the reception. This fall the newly-weds return to their studies at the University of Virginia Law School.

Comic Jackie Mason, late 50s, plans to wed his longtime manager, Jyll Rosenfeld, 37, this November in London, where he will be giving a royal command performance. Not long ago, Mason declared, “Frankly, I never believed in marriage. I am not the kind of person who wants to be honestly responsible for another person.” Now Mason says that although he was captivated by Rosenfeld upon meeting her 17 years ago, he only recently felt ready to make a commitment.