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Actor Regis Toomey, 93, who spent 185 seconds kissing Jane Wyman in 1941’s You’re in the Army Now—billed as the screen’s longest smooch—died on Sept. 12. His 200-plus film résumé also included Northwest Mounted Police, The Big Sleep and Union Pacific. Toomey died so frequently in movies that he once joked that he should be voted “the mortician’s man of the year” and began refusing roles in which he would be killed off.

Arlette Schweitzer, 42, gave birth to her own grandchildren when she delivered by cesarean section 4-lb., 5-oz. twins Chad Daniel and Chelsea Arlette Uchytil, five weeks premature but in good health, on Oct. 12. The pair are expected to be hospitalized for about two weeks. Eggs extracted from daughter Christa Uchytil, 22, who was born without a uterus, and fertilized with sperm from Christa’s husband, Kevin, were implanted in Schweitzer’s uterus last February. “Maybe it’s not quite the same old birds and bees,” said Arlette, a South Dakota librarian who has two children with husband Dan. “Maybe now there are birds and bees and butterflies, too.”

In Ferrari delicto? Flamboyant junior welterweight boxer Hector “Macho” Camacho, 29, was driving his Ferrari five mph below the legal speed limit when police in Fort Myers, Fla., stopped him on Oct. 12. In the boxer’s lap, according to press reports, was a woman who appeared to be helping Camacho “do the wild thing.” Camacho was charged with driving with a suspended license….

Troubled televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, 56, was stopped on Oct. 11 by cops who noticed Swaggart’s borrowed Jaguar swerving in a neighborhood known, because of its reputation, as Love Street. In the car was Rosemary Garcia, 31, who says Swaggart picked her up outside a phone booth and “asked for sex.” Swaggart was not formally charged, but a family friend told reporters he “fully expected” Swaggart to leave the pulpit.

Married with Children’s Katey Sagal, 35, whose pregnancy was written into the sitcom, suffered a miscarriage on Oct. 13, two months short of her due date. Producers of the show haven’t decided whether Sagal’s character, Peg, will remain pregnant.

Director Steven Spielberg, 43, and his longtime companion, actress Kate Capshaw, 37, made it legal on Oct. 12 at Spielberg’s East Hampton, N.Y., house. The 90 guests at the traditional Jewish ceremony and reception included Barbra Streisand, Sally Field, Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman and Richard Dreyfuss, who assessed the affair, “very sweet.”