J.D. Podolsky
September 16, 1991 12:00 PM

The Boeing 707, the Seattle-based Boeing Company’s first commercial jetliner, has officially ceased production. Boeing said orders for the plane had simply dried up; the last commercial 707 was bought in 1978, while the very last 707, ordered by the British military, rolled off the assembly line in May. Today, of the 1,011 707’s manufactured since 1954, some 422 are still being down commercially, and another 68 are used by military forces.

Dr. Florence B. Seibert, 93, a biochemist who was instrumental in devising the first reliable tuberculosis test in the 1930s, died on Aug. 23 in St. Petersburg, Fla. Seibert, who suffered from polio as a small child, once said she concentrated on her studies because “I couldn’t go out and dance and play” like other children.

Actor Ralph Bellamy, 87, whose film career includes portraying the hapless swain in The Awful Truth (1937), FDR in Sunrise at Campobello (1960) and a corporate patriarch in Pretty Woman (1990), was in stable condition at a hospital in Santa Monica after suffering from a respiratory condition….

Televangelist Robert Schuller, 64, whose Hour of Power show is seen in more than 30 countries, was in stable condition in Amsterdam after having a blood clot removed from his brain on Sept. 2. He had bumped his head getting into a car a day earlier. Schuller is expected to recover fully.

TV newswoman Bree Walker Lampley, 37, and her husband Jim Lampley, both anchors for KCBS in Los Angeles, had their first child, a 7-lb., 14-oz. boy named Aaron James, on Aug. 28 in L.A. Like his mother, the boy was born with ectrodactylism, a rare genetic condition that causes fusing of the bones in the hands and feet. In July a Los Angeles radio talk show host, Jane Norris, angered the Lampleys—as well as advocates for the disabled—by questioning whether Walker Lampley should have children when there is a 50 percent chance that she will pass on her disability. Walker Lampley’s daughter from a previous marriage, Andrea-Layne, 3, also has ectrodactylism.

Jan Berry, 50, of Jan & Dean, the ’60s surfing-tunes duo (“Surf City”), married ex-waitress Gertie Filip on Aug. 31. The couple wed onstage in Las Vegas in the middle of Berry and partner Dean Torrence’s act. It is his first marriage, her second.

Hunk Dunks Punk: “Winning sure is better than losing,” said a victorious John F. Kennedy Jr., 30, after winning his first case as a prosecutor on Aug. 29 in Manhattan. The legal eaglet convinced a Manhattan Supreme Court jury to convict David Ramos, 33, of burglary. Ramos, dubbed the Sleeping Burglar, had fallen asleep in a woman’s bed after breaking in and pocketing her jewels. Kennedy, who admitted to being “nervous” during the trial, said he was “satisfied” with the result.

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