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February 12, 1990 12:00 PM

Rocker David Bowie, 43 (right), says he will marry steady Melissa Hurley, 22, a dancer on his 1987 Glass Spider tour, after he finishes his upcoming six-month concert tour. “I have absolutely no idea when exactly the wedding will be, but we’re engaged, and a wedding is what that usually leads to,” Bowie said. This is her first marriage, his second. He has a son, Joey (formerly Zowie), 18, from his first marriage, to Angela Barnett.

Pakistan’s Harvard-educated Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, 36 (left), and her husband, businessman Asif Ali Zardari, 36, had their second baby, a 7-lb., 8-oz. girl, on Jan. 25 in Karachi. No name has been chosen yet. The postpartum celebration included Bhutto’s bodyguards passing out candy.

Actor John (Alien) Hurt, 50 (above), married girlfriend Jo Dalton, 31 and nearly nine months pregnant with their first child, in London on Jan. 24. They met while making Scandal—he starred; she was a production assistant—in 1988. Two weeks ago Hurt’s divorce from second wife Donna Peacock, 42, came through after five years of marriage. Following the wedding, Hurt and Dalton headed for the chic Soho restaurant L’Escargot. When Peacock was told this, she reportedly said, “The bastard. He chose our favorite place, where he asked me to marry him.” Hurt has no children from his earlier marriage.

Country music star Waylon Jennings, 52 (left), who dropped out of high school in the 10th grade, has finally graduated. After passing a graduate equivalency test, he received his diploma Jan. 29 from Martha Wilkinson, the wife of Kentucky Gov. Wallace Wilkinson. She had enlisted Jennings and his wife, singer Jessi Colter, to perform last fall at a benefit for “Martha’s GED Army,” which fights adult illiteracy in Kentucky. When Wilkinson discovered that Jennings lacked a sheepskin, she sent him instructional videotapes. “I studied at home and on the [tour] bus,” says Waylon, adding that it wasn’t easy. “I just want you to know I hate fractions and algebra.”

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