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It was front-page news, complete with THE HUNK FLUNKS…AGAIN headlines, when John F. Kennedy Jr. (right) failed the New York State bar exam for the second time. Kennedy, 29, who’ll take the test a third time this July, said, “God willing, I’ll pass it then, or the next time, or when I’m 95.” If John Jr. fails again, he’ll have to give up his $30,000 a year job as a Manhattan assistant district attorney. But, as the New York Daily News pointed out in a headline, WELL, HE’S STILL GOT HIS LOOKS.

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, 38, and her hubby, Washington, D.C. attorney Robert Altman, 43 (above), are expecting a second child in October. “I wish I’d started having children at an earlier age. I would’ve had a lot more,” says Carter. Altman says the baby’s impending arrival helped their son. Jamie, 2, get used to the idea of switching from a crib to a big boy’s bed. “We told him, ‘The baby can sleep in the crib or in new bunk beds,’ ” says Altman. Jamie magnanimously offered up his crib….

And a special issue is due out in October for Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Tina Brown, 36. She and husband Harold Evans, 60, editor of Condé Nast Traveler, are expecting their second child. “I’m thrilled,” says Evans. “George [their 4-year-old son] wants a sister. I said if he waited till October, we’d see what we could do.”

Danny Wood, 20 (kin a member of the superhot New Kids on the Block singing group, was given the boot, literally, when he severely twisted his ankle on a red rubber boot thrown onstage by an excited fan at a Kids concert in Manchester, England. Responding to initial printed reports that he’d tripped on a stuffed animal, Wood says, “Had it been a stuffed animal, I would have been all right.” After a doctor ordered Wood to stay off his feet for three weeks, he returned to his hometown of Dorchester, Mass., leaving his fellow band members to fill in his missing vocals. Wood will rejoin the band on tour in late June. Manager Dick Scott says, “I pray that he’ll be all right.” Doubtless, millions of prepubescent girls are doing the same.

Fledgling actor John Clark Gable, 29 (right), the only child of Clark Gable, is getting divorced from hairdresser Tracey Yarro, after six years of marriage and two children, Kayley, 3, and Clark James, 1. Gable’s first movie, Bad Jim, a Western, has been bypassed as a big-screen release and instead went straight to video this month. Variety, in a review, said, “Gable shows promise.”…

And country singer-actor Hoyt Axton, 51, filed for divorce from his record producer-singer wife, Donna, 41, in Los Angeles, although she’s still working with him full-time on a new album. Married since 1980 and separated since January, they have one son, Matthew Christopher, 7. Axton’s agent says the split is “very friendly,” adding, “Hoyt told me he just wanted to spend some time being single.”

Playwright Bella Spewack, 91, who with husband Samuel Spewack (above, in 1936) wrote such Broadway hits as 1935’s Boy Meets Girl and 1949’s Kiss Me Kate, died April 27 of natural causes in New York City. Samuel died in 1971. Long before Hollywood coined the term “high concept,” the Spewacks had one of their heroes, a screenwriter in Boy Meets Girl, announce that all scripts boil down to, “Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl.” Additionally, Bella always claimed that it was she who had first suggested that Girl Scouts sell cookies, but had meant home-baked ones.

Who is Jean Currivan? What happened on April 30? Those are the answers. The clues are real estate developer Currivan, 25, who married Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, 49 (left), on that day in Beverly Hills. It was his second marriage, her first. Asked if he’d take Currivan as his bride, Trebek said, “You betcha.”…

And British actress Claire Bloom, 59, and author Philip Roth, 57, a twosome since 1976, wed in Manhattan on April 29. Bloom was married twice before, to actor Rod Steiger and producer Hillard Elkins. Roth was married once, to Margaret Martinson.

Zsa Zsa Gabor, 73, is in trouble again. At a probation hearing in Los Angeles, Judge Charles Rubin ruled that the actress had violated her probation by failing to complete her 120 hours of community service at a homeless shelter. He ordered the Zsa to complete her sentence and tacked on an additional 60-hour penalty, which she must fulfill by Sept. 28. Gabor was first sentenced last December after being found guilty of slapping a Beverly Hills policeman, driving without a valid license and having an open bottle of liquor in her car.