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Party Politics

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ALAS, BARBARA BUSH DID NOT MAMBO with Rambo. But she did shuffle with Sylvester Stallone, when she wasn’t schmoozing with Richard Gere. And Warren Beatty. And John Travolta. Meanwhile the President, no slouch, trotted with a fox, Goldie Hawn.

No, this was not the Group of Seven economic summit. It was a meet-and-greet-the-Bushes get-together hosted by producer Jerry (The Karate Kid) Weintraub and his wife, singer Jane Morgan, at their Malibu estate. The Hollywood A-team—200 strong, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Julie Andrews—showed. Even rocker Jon Bon Jovi pledged allegiance: “Yes, I am a Republican,” he joked. “I am Mr. Mainstream.”

The President, who did not discuss politics, seemed thrilled at the chance to observe native customs firsthand. The fete, he proclaimed, was a “classic name-dropping evening.”