People Staff
November 12, 2007 12:00 PM

Glamorous blondes are part of the scenery at Santa Monica’s Huntley Hotel. So when Jessica Simpson and friends grabbed drinks in a lounge there on Oct. 28, patrons hardly batted an eye. That is, until another fair-haired star—Owen Wilson—showed up to visit a friend and hung out with the Simpson party. “They were having a good time,” says a hotel source. “It was a group thing, [not] a romantic evening.” A week earlier Simpson, 27, and Wilson, 38, filmed a Willie Nelson video together in their home state of Texas and “kept in touch,” says a pal of Simpson’s, who also costars with Wilson’s brother Luke in Blonde Ambition. After avoiding the nightlife in the wake of an apparent suicide attempt in August, Wilson is clearly getting his groove back, hitting a Halloween bash and a Louis Vuitton gala at L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art, “where he mingled and laughed,” says a guest. Is a certain actress helping him smile again? Don’t jump to conclusions, says a Simpson source: “They’re just friends.”

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