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Owen Wilson

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He found romance in Wedding Crashers—now he’s ruining one in You, Me and Dupree as a slacker who moves in with a pair of newlyweds. Wilson, 37, chatted with PEOPLE’s Julie Jordan.

You once had your own Dupree—Luke. How did you get rid of him?

I felt Luke had become a third wheel at my house. He had his own house a mile away, but for some reason he liked to stay at my house and put food in the refrigerator. Subtle things like “You need to leave by this weekend” didn’t seem to work, so I eventually had to lay down the law. I wouldn’t say I changed the locks, but that was the next step. The funny thing was after he left, I kind of missed him.

You bare almost all in Dupree. What’s the secret to a nude scene?

Yeah, there was some nudity, which is why my mother might be better off going to see Cars for the second time. The secret is just putting it out of your mind. You just have to go for it. I probably should have done some push-ups or something.

Are you and Luke competitive? His film My Super Ex-Girlfriend comes out a week after You, Me and Dupree.

Even though we’re really competitive with any game like Ping-Pong, we’re not competitive about movies. If Luke’s movie does great, that helps me, because I know I can always get Luke to do a movie with me.

You’re single. Do you see marriage and kids in your future?

Yes, I do. Sooner rather than later, I bet.

In Dupree you play a sloppy bachelor. Are you a slob or a neat freak?

I’ll pick up the clothes, but I don’t even know where the vacuum is.

This is not boding well for women.

Or maybe it is, because obviously this house needs a feminine touch.