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September 17, 2001 12:00 PM

Bridesmaid of Frankenstein: In voluminous pink Badgley Misehka at February’s TV Guide Awards, Malcolm in the Middle mom JANE KACZMAREK embodied “what every girl on the planet fears when her best friend calls and says, ‘I have news for you. I’m getting married and you’re going to be in the wedding party!’ ” says PEOPLE’S Steven Cojoearu.

Chocolat star and Best Actress nominee JULIETTE BINOCHE, in Jean-Paul Gauitier, had her signals crossed at the Oscars. Comedian Tracey Ullman, commenting on the Today show, asked, “Why did Juliette Binoche look like Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot?”

Tennis champ SERENA WILLIAMS designed the gown she wore to the Essence Awards in April, but it was no love match. Says Cojocaru: “There’s a tube top, miniskirt and tablecloth all going on at once.”

Flowers and fishnet are an unfathomable combination for SIGOURNEY WEAVER in the Christian Dior gown by John Galliano that she commissioned for the Oscars. One panelist wonders, “Is that a red Chia Pet on her shoulder?”

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, in the center ring Angel star DAVID BOREANAZ will wrestle a wild beast, skin it and proudly wear its pelt! The actor’s Dolce & Gabbana coat, made of astrakhan, a curly lamb fur, was actually worn to the American Music Awards last January.

The floral pantsuit Bill Clinton benefactor DENISE RICH selected for a May benefit in L.A. “was once a couch,” notes Cojocaru, adding, “This outfit needs a presidential pardon.”

“It’s nice to take a feather duster wherever you go so you can do some dusting,” says Cojocaru of HILARY SWANK, displaying fuzzy logic in Prada at the L.A. premiere of The Gift in December.

Awash in Jane Booke lace, the world’s first human snow angel, Judging Amy‘s AMY BRENNEWIAN, spread her wings at the Golden Globes in January. She had a baby on board (daughter Charlotte was born in March), but what on earth was up her sleeves?

Congratulations! The World Wrestling Federation championship belt, rhinestone division, goes to the Over-accessorizer, a.k.a. E! fashion critic MELISSA RIVERS, at the Grammys.

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