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Our TV Critic's Take: Is Savannah the Right Choice?

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Looks like it. Now officially elevated from cohost of the third hour to co-anchor with Matt Lauer, 40-year-old Savannah Guthrie is more in the tradition of previous Today stars like Meredith Vieira and Katie Couric. Their internal clocks all seem to be permanently set at an imaginary 9 a.m., with at least one cup of coffee already consumed and a few crumbs of a light but nutritious breakfast remaining on their plate. Such women-and Guthrie, with her ready smile and ready seriousness, seems to be one of them-need no warming up, nor do they run out of steam. Today thrives on this sort of brisk, friendly energy. Curry, whose weepy exit was so badly handled you might have wondered (rightly or wrongly) if the Today family was related to the Corleones, didn’t quite have it. Ratings will doubtless get a boost as viewers stop by to sample the new cohost-who last week unfussily handled a Maroon 5 concert and the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling-and as the network makes the most of its Summer Olympics coverage. Lauer appears to be glad to have her. He should be.