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On Tour with Nick Lachey

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It’s late at night and Nick Lachey is cruising down the interstate completely naked. Headed to his next concert venue in Mashantucket, Conn., “I took a shower in the back of the bus. It was great,” says Lachey, who motions toward a small shower stall aboard his luxury tour bus, which also boasts three flat-screen TVs, two cream leather couches and—to Lachey’s delight—a full-size bed. “This is the first bus where I’ve had my own bedroom,” says the singer, who hates to fly. “It’s nicer than most apartments I’ve lived in!”

Lachey, 32, is happy to have such creature comforts as he embarks on his first, 33-city solo tour, which has already sold out most shows and has expanded to add new dates to the roster. His shower supplies may be a little skimpy (“a little bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo—whatever the last hotel had”), but the singer stocks his kitchen cabinets with his favorite snacks (Triscuits and pretzels) and breakfast staples (Pop-Tarts and oatmeal). The fridge holds water and yoo-hoo lined up in neat rows. “We’re very organized here,” says Lachey, who hosted his girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo, 25, at his portable pad during his first two concerts.

When it’s just the guys, Lachey and his tour manager enjoy postshow drinks and video game marathons until “we get tired. Then I’d go back there to his bedroom, go to sleep, wake up and I’m in the next city,” says Lachey. “That’s the beauty of the bus. It couldn’t be any better.”

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