People Staff
October 26, 1981 12:00 PM

The rich, as F. Scott Fitzgerald observed, are different from you and me. They ride in limos, dine on champagne and caviar and dance until the wee hours. That at least was the impression being fostered at the bash celebrating the premiere of George Cukor’s Rich and Famous.

Indeed, the lavish soiree at Manhattan’s reopened Studio 54 got better reviews than the movie. It cost $52,000 to do the disco up like Gatsby’s place, with autumn leaves underfoot and a gazebo for special invitees. Headed by Rich and Famous co-stars Candice Bergen and Jacqueline Bisset, the guest list lived up to the film’s title, featuring Cheryl Tiegs and husband Peter Beard, Maria Burton and Dick Cavett, who plays himself in the film. Cavett praised his leading ladies as “wonderful and dear friends,” adding sagely, “Isn’t that what people always say at premieres?”

The cast party was also something of a caste party; in the gazebo they sat down to smoked salmon, tortellini and endive salad. The folks in the balcony made do with a roast beef and potato salad buffet. Class distinction disappeared, however, at the stroke of midnight when $2,000 in dollar bills cascaded onto the dance floor. In the ensuing melee, Olivia Newton-John collected $3 and Jamie Lee Curtis came away with cab fare.

Perhaps they’re not so different after all.

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